Now booking for March-May 2019!

Whether your objectives are to earn Try-Its, badges, or just have some fun and try something new, we’re here to help you and your scouts have a great time.

Below is some basic information on the programs we offer for Girl & Boy Scouts. Don’t see anything that suits your needs? Just let us know and we’ll work with you to create a program that fits your plan and your budget.

Program 1:

Our first Scout option focuses on female-owned small business. Owner Christine Van Bloem discusses and answers questions about small business ownership and the ups and downs of running a business.

Cost: Free

Duration: 30 Minutes


Program 2:

For this option we discuss nutrition, the USDA Serving Plate, and read and compare labels and packaging. We also make our own batch of lowfat ranch dressing and peel carrots to enjoy as a healthy snack.

Cost: $5 per scout

Duration: 45 to 60 Minutes


Program 3:

Want your troop to be a little bit busier in the kitchen and take part in hands-on cooking? Option 3 includes Strawberry-Banana Smoothies & Cheese Quesadillas prepared by each scout on the stovetop. Kitchen safety will be covered while giving each scout the opportunity to cook on a hot stove and put safety practices into action.

Cost: $10 per scout

Duration: 60 to 75 Minutes


Program 4:

Have your scouts prepare a complete meal! We offer the same menus as with our birthday parties (Spaghetti & Meatballs, Pizza, Cupcakes, & Smoothies, Soft Pretzels, and more!) tailored for your troop.

Cost: $275 for up to 12 scouts (Monday through Wednesday), $325 for up to 10 scouts (Saturday) plus $20 each additional scout

Duration: 2 hours


Program 5:

We can customize a program for your troop based on specific objectives, whether it’s learning to cook and enjoy a small meal at The Kitchen Studio or preparing a meal to take home to the family. We can make menu recommendations based on the ages and experience of your troop.

Cost: Varies

Duration: Varies


Payment for programs 2 & 3 is due 3 business days prior to your troop’s class. Payment for programs 4 & 5 is due in full at the time of booking.


Please note: Scout programs are held during the week, Monday through Wednesday, immediately after school. Due to space restrictions, we can accommodate up to 16 scouts in a single session. Troops are limited to one session per school year. Space is extremely limited, so please reserve your space early. Please plan on booking your date a minimum of 6-8 weeks in advance.

Have a scout participating in the reduced/free lunch program at school? Just let us know and their tuition is on us!

“Just to let you know, you are THE BOMB amongst our girl scout troop!! I cannot tell you how many of the girls went home and insisted on making Quesadillas for dinner…mine included!! Talked to a few more today who had the same experience. The 3 I had in my car talked and talked and talked all the way home about how much fun they had.”
– Julie S., Girl Scout Leader (Junior Troop)

“As soon as my daughter, Guinevere, got home last night she called me at work to tell me about the positive experience. She then asked what we were having for dinner. She wasn’t too happy with my response. She offered to make her new recipe for the family. She had even checked our kitchen to see what items we needed… I was her helper and she did a fantastic job. She had so much fun cooking for the family. All 5 of us LOVED the recipe and were very happy with the
meal…Guinevere was very proud to have cooked for the family and have us all enjoy the meal.”
– Marion H.